What a successful mess!

On Saturday 26 January the corps held its first Messy Church meeting. Organiser Claire Howell reports:

The first Messy Church at Hadleigh Temple SA was a great time of playing, making, creating, singing, talking, praying, listening, drinking and eating!

Adults and children taking part in messy church
A total of 58 people attended, with lots of new faces, some of whom had had contact with us through Rocks and Sunday School, Toddler group, Holiday Club, the SEEVIC production and from publicity given out in local schools.

After settling in over a drink and a biscuit, there was an hour of craft, on the theme of “Creation”. This was followed by a short time of celebration where we heard the creation story told in a family-friendly way. There was some singing, and the children passed around some “created” objects – shells, leaves, apples, water, fossils, twigs! The final part of the afternoon was a hot meal shared together, with more time for conversations and laughter. 

Children doing a collage

We were blessed with a really happy, creative time together, and we look forward to seeing this venture unfold and develop over coming months.



Colourful pipe cleaners

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