The World’s Still Here – AFM Weekend

Despite highly publicised predictions that the world would end at 6pm on May 21st, it didn’t. But nevertheless at 7pm some Hadleigh people were in heaven (well, almost) as they listened the Orpheus Singers who were the corps’ guest performers at Hadleigh Temple.

This relatively new all-female choir is locally based and boasts some 140 members. The ladies brought a programme of mainly light music, including some items from their sacred repertoire. There were three soloists, every one of them performing alone for the first time. All three brought two songs and acquitted themselves very well. They will remember their début at the Army!

The Orpheus Singers in Concert on 21 May

The Orpheus Singers in Concert at the Temple on 21 May


Captains Paul and Glenda Holifield

The weekend's leaders: Captains Paul and Glenda Holifield

Their visit was as part of the Adult and Families Ministries weekend arranged by Robin and Jean Bryant. Leaders for the weekend were Captains Paul and Glenda Holifield from DHQ. Captain Glenda has special responsibility for Adult and Family work. Tribute was given to the extra support she has given Hadleigh Temple Home League in the past few months since the previous Home League Secretary retired leaving the post vacant.


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