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This website is run on blogging software which means there is the ability to interact. You may make comments on news items, but not post news items yourself.News items are posted by admin and a few other selected people ratified by corps leadership. However anyone is welcome to make a comment on the posts.

Getting Around

When you first land on the Corps News Section, you are presented with a the latest posts. To see more about a post, just click on the headline.MenusNow to a look at the right hand side of the page. There are links the latest news and posts, the archive and sections of Corps News area. Just click on where you want to go.And if there”s something special you want, there”s a little search box at the top.


If you have piece of news

Please email it to webmaster@HadleighTemple.org.uk. The editorial team will be happy to consider it.

To make a comment

You need become an authorised user of the site:

  • Simply click on “Log In” (under the heading picture on the right) and select “Register”
  • Once registered you sign in with your username and password and then you may comment away to your heart’s content.
  • As a registered user you can upload a picture of yourself* and fill in other details so people can get to know you better.


We don”t want to be too restrictive but do ask you remain within the bounds of Christian decency that your comments are carefully thought out, logically presented and charitably expressed. Anything that is considered offensive will be removed and access to the site can be restricted in extreme cases.


All comments are moderated, i.e. checked by an editor. We do not expect that anyone in our community will  transgress the guidelines, so your comments will be published immediately. However, editors are notified immediately a comment is left. The editors’ decision is final regarding content of the site.


The engine for this section is a well established piece of software. It has been developed by experts to be secure for its purpose. Additional security measures have been added by admin. However, we ask you not to put any sensitive information in comments.

* Uploading your profile picture

You can get a picture of yourself to appear beside any comments you make. In order to do this, you will need to have an accoutn with WordPress as well as Corps News. Sorry about that, but there is a reason for this. If you don”t have a WordPress account you can get one simply and for free by visiting: https://en.wordpress.com/signup/?user=1.Wordpress calls the pictures “Gravatars”. Your gravatar will be associated with your email address and any WordPress blog you comment on, whether on the WordPress site or on private site (such as this one) your picture will be associated.