Results of December Digital Competition

Hadleigh CC ¦ December 2014: Wheels - Judge: Rob Stokes, Birmingham Citadel
The subject matter "wheels" opens up some wonderful opportunities for some creative photography which has been explored really well. There are many excellent photographs this month and I initially several Highly Commended entries than shown below.
Just like the previous judge I must emphasise that this only my opinion
1A4 PacificI like the way the multiple wheels suggests power in such a strong way. The shadow areas could perhaps reveal a little more detail. Possibly a tad underexposed.
3All in miniatureThe colours help to make this an eye catcher. Clearly seasonal but I feel that with all the surrounding figures and models etc. the subject struggles for prominence.
4BabsWhat an impressive set of wheels! The subject however is in the shade so some enhancement to exposure and colour to uplift the body would have been welcome.
5CogwheelsThis image is enhanced by well-placed lighting so that the shadows give depth to the wheels. Good colours, detail and contrast.
6College Biken(Hilary Houlding)You have captured the atmosphere well. Good composition and lighting have brought this simple subject into life. Some sensitive cropping to reduce the background on the right of the frame so that the subject was less central may have improved this already lovely photo. HC
7Cycle RaceA great attempt at freezing the action, well done. The detail has been captured very well. I feel however that a little more colour would have given this image a bit more punch.
8Emergency OnlyThe subject matter is sharp with lots of detail however the inclusion of the several bikes makes it too busy for my liking.
9Ferris Wheeln(Keith Payne)The angle from which you shot this works well giving it artistic appeal. Pin sharp with the right colours and sky make it a worthy entry HC
10Fire LadderThis is intrinsically a strong subject showing lots of detail and clarity. Perhaps because of the wheels position within the apparatus the photo looks over busy.
11Futuristic WheelsThese wheels are certainly futuristic! However because of the intrusive poster part of the subject fights for recognition. The subject also looks a little soft possibly due to the exposure time.
12Going nowhere fastPlenty of wheels here in keeping with topic. Good colours and detail but too much foreground I feel. Cropping would have helped. The shadows are fairly heavy causing some detail to be lost around the carriage and wheels.
13HerculesThis wheel together with its tyre is pin sharp with loads of detail visible. My only criticism is that the area over the tyre is underexposed so that it blends in with the wheel arch; easily remedied in PS (or similar) A minor criticism to an otherwise great shot.
14Inside OutHow better to show off the topic for this month! A beautiful specimen of a car wonderfully preserved. Lovely colours and pin sharp into the bargain. The front wheel is a little overexposed but apart from that a nice photograph.
15Knight RiderThe three cycles stand out well helped by the reflection of the sun. However I feel that the background colour is too saturated for my taste. It might also be underexposed which increases the colour intensity.
16London EyeThe sharp detail in the cables is impressive however possibly due to shooting up at the subject against the lighter sky much of the detail in the gondolas is lost. The overall image would I suggest benefit from slightly more exposure.
17On yer bikeThis image works well in sepia tones. You have captured the isolation of the cycle against the bare brick wall adding mood. Perhaps the subject could have been placed a little further into the frame to give the subject greater prominence.
18Palermo TouristsLots of wheels seen here to fit the subject topic well. It illustrates action and tells a story which is one reason that I like it so. Lots of detail shown in the columns of the building and in the cyclists themselves.
19Power house of San FranciscoCapturing moving machinery indoors is always challenging but here you have achieved this very well. The blur of the rotating pulley wheels contrast against the static plant gives a feeling of power. The top left hand corner of the shot, however is burned out due to the strength of the light flooding in through the window. This unfortunately distracts my eye away from the subject.
20Sewing MachineThis interesting subject brings out the colour tones - black, brown and gold making it almost a tone poem in colour. I feel that the detail in the lower right hand side is a touch soft suggesting insufficient depth of field.
21Spinning Wheeln(Hilary Houlding)I always like a photograph which tells a story as this one does. Your eyes follow the raw material going into the wheel on the left and coming out on the right into the bag. Well composed, great colours. HC
22The Ultimate Boyu2019s Toyn(Richard Dalton)nThis striking picture captures the subject well. The strong colours and close cropping make it stand out well. 3rd
23Two_wheelsA pretty photo of a seemingly abandoned bike. As the colours are mainly blue the subject may have benefitted from stronger contrast.
24Up in the BelfryAn interesting photo showing the mechanism we rarely see and no doubt involving lots of effort to capture. A good amount of detail such as in the ropes. A little more contrast may have helped bring this image to life.
25Water Powern(Peter Jones)A really nice photo showing the wheel frozen in motion and yet there must be some movement as water is evident entering and exiting the wheel. Well balanced in colour exposure, composition etc. 1st
26Wheel BarrowA really simple subject with strong colours and good isolation from its background.
27Wheel CapsThe mono treatment of the image enhances the silver colour of the wheel caps. Pin sharp with plenty of detail.
28Wheel of Steeln(John Everett)The rich vibrant colours help to create an eye catching image. Great crisp detail. 2nd
29Wheel of ToolsA most unusual subject with lots of interest, colour and detail. Well framed.
30Wheels (Locost)Another beautiful car captured to display the subject matter. Pin sharp with excellent colours and composition. Harsh shadows hide some of the detail over the tyres which could be easily have been remedied in PS Elements etc.
31Wheelwrights WorkshopThis tells a story which give some gravitas and lots of interest. I found the colours and contrast a little flat however. These are easily corrected in PS Elements or similar.
32Wobbly WheelsWe've all suffered at the hands of supermarket trolleys but that makes them an unusual subject for photography. I like the drama created by the shallow depth of field and the mono treatment. A simple but effective creation.

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