Pedalling to Paris and Pressing through Peru for Pennies and Pounds

Next year sees some of our friends doing amazing things to raise money for The Salvation Army.

Chirs and CarlIn April, Songster Leader Carl Carter and his son Young Peoples’ Band Leader Christopher are taking part in a cycling event going from London to Paris.

Eiffel TowerThese men are no strangers to long-distance cycling. Many a Friday night they can be found riding right through the night to somewhere or other.

But the Paris trip takes four days! They start from Crystal Palace and end at the Eiffel Tower. On the fifth day they come home – by train!!

They need to raise nearly £1500 each on this venture. It will go to the Army’s Annual Appeal. Please sponsor them vis their Just Giving pages:





Emma SayerHadleigh Rare Breeds Farm manager Emma Sayer is taking up The Salvation Army’s Trek to Peru challenge in May 2015.  With a target of £3500, Emma will donate the proceeds to the rare breeds centre. It is a four day trek across the ancient and remote Inca footpath. Emma will be walking for 6-8 hours a day, covering 10-15km per day due to rough terrain.

Classed as ‘challenging’ she will be trekking at altitudes off 4600m, uphill, in snowy mountains and/or jungle.The group also help in a local village for two days helping with building, maintenance and farming.

Not to mention basic camping…there are no toilets on the trek!

Please support Emma by sponsoring her through her Virgin Money page:


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