Patricia reflects on London trip

In early December, Julia Winbolt arranged a trip to London for the adherents. Focus of the trip was a visit to the William Booth College where cadets are trained to become officers.

William Booth College


One of the adherents, Patricia Turpin, was so impressed by the trip she wrote a piece of blank verse to commemorate it:



Leaving foggy Hadleigh to visit William Booth College Camberwell
in a luxurious coach, our courier very informative.
Warm welcome entering spacious modernised restaurant,
oval space like ceiling cream and green chairs.
Stunning  Assembly hall – flags hang austerely from previous intakes.
Painting of William Booth, a modern podium on stage.
Impressive Hub, students relax in airy green chairs.
Upstairs, International Museum Heritage Centre.
Shown one student’s flat – very modern – superb .

Embarking, on to Oxford Street, Christmas lights stunning.
Caribbean steel band play, shoppers with glowing faces.
Regent Street  – decorations the  Twelve Days of Christmas.
Trafalgar Square,  tall lighted Christmas tree and rainbow fountain.
A memorable day, warm atmosphere.  We were very well looked after.
Catherine and William Booth 1878 began tireless deeds,
spanning to 120 countries, their beginning, with love.

The courier for the trip was Trevor Thorn.

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