Our 2013 Cadets

A group of four cadets has been allocated to Hadleigh Temple to lead meetings during the first part of 2013. They are members of the Disciples of the Cross session and came to Hadleigh in November to observe what goes on at the corps.

The cadets are: married couple Ben and Rebecka Cotterill, Wendy Leisk and Claire Whybrow.

Cadet Ben Cotterill

Cadet Ben Cotterill

Ben and Rebecka entered training from Gothenburg Temple Corps in Sweden, though Ben says he is officially from Clapton Congress Hall. Rebecka is Swedish. Ben has been very involved in international development for The Salvation Army, through the Swedish Territory, IHQ and India South-East. He is also studying for a Masters Degree in International Development.

Cadet Rebecka Cotterill

Cadet Rebecka Cotterill

He traces his call to officership back to his teens when he felt his future was in spiritual ministry in The Salvation Army. As for the future, he says that’s very much open to how god leads but both he and Rebecka feel a special attraction to spiritual multicultural ministry such as in an inner city.

Rebekah grew up in Sweden and in 2007 spent her gap year working for The Salvation Army in Sunderland as part of the Essentials programme. She has also worked for The Salvation Army in India and in a commercial organisation in Sweden.

Cadet Wendy Leisk

Cadet Wendy Leisk

Wendy Leisk is the unlikely bonnie grandmother of the team with two grandchildren. Entering training from Aberdeen Citadel, she traces her call to officership to Youth Councils which she attended from her home corps of Thurso. She married and although her husband was leaning towards officership they never took the step. Sadly the marriage was dissolved and Wendy left the Army. Eight years ago, through an Alpha course, she started worshipping at the Church of Scotland. At a conference, she was challenged by the preacher’s remarks: “Go back to your youth” and offered for the ministry in the Church of Scotland. Twice she was turned down and in a feedback interview, the leader challenged her: “Are you in the right church?”

Wendy joined the Street Pastors and through that avenue of service she was led back to the Army. “It was the last place I wanted to go,” she explained, “but it felt like coming home. It was where God was calling me. And now, thirty years on, I am fulfilling my calling to officership.” She hopes her future will lead her to a chaplaincy role.

Cadet Claire Whybrow

Cadet Claire Whybrow

The last member of the group is Claire Whybrow. And yes, she is (distantly) related to our Claire Whybrow. They even share the same middle name. Out of Peterborough Citadel, Claire has also worked in international development for The Salvation Army, including spells in Zambia and Malawi with a special emphasis on anti-trafficking. More recently she worked as an outdoor activities instructor helping people perfect their skills in pursuits such as canoeing, rock climbing and archery. She would be happy if her future service built on the experience she already has.


At the time of writing, the planned dates for the cadets to lead worship at Hadleigh Temple are:

  • 20 January
  • 3 February
  • 17 February
  • 10 March (Mothers Day)
  • 24 March (Palm Sunday)
  • 28 April
  • 17 May

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