New flag to remember Steve

Inscription on flag pole
Right at the beginning of the corps’ 75th anniversary a new corps flag was dedicated in memory of Colour Sergeant Steve West. Steve was suddenly promoted to Glory at the age of 58 in 2009. A quiet man, loved by all, also worked hard behind the scenes keeping the band’s music library in order. Steve carried the band flag and  the corps flag for over five years.

The meeting and dedication of the flag was led by Major Norman Ord, Divisional Commander on January 6th in the presence of Steve’s family: wife Margaret and children David, Paul, Shona and Tim and their families.

Officers and Margaret with the flag

Major David Woodman, Col. Sgt Malcolm Wilson, Margaret West and Major Norman Ord with the new flag

The quest for the new flag was initiated by Margaret a year ago (see news article).

The privilege of holding the flag for the ceremony went to Band Colour Sergeant Malcolm Wilson.

Major Ord confirmed the significance of the colours: red for the blood of Christ, blue for the purity of God the Father and yellow for the cleansing fire of the Holy Spirit thereby affirming the Salvationist’s belief in the Trinity. He said it is also a rallying point for the faithful and said a prayer giving thanks for the service given to the flag by Steve. He then prayed that  the corps will remain a faithful people and that the flag will serve the corps in the days ahead.

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