Hadleigh Temple Band

Hadleigh Temple Band has a long history of commitment from its members to use its music as a means of bringing people into a knowledge of Jesus Christ and his salvation.

William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army, was not a particularly great lover of brass bands, but he recognised their worth in attracting listeners to follow the band when they marched into meetings. Additionally, he appreciated the lively accompaniment they provided for congregational singing. We feel that the use of Hadleigh Temple Band’s music would please General Booth!

The band is a vehicle of Christian expression, with a strong conviction of using its abilities in a multitude of ways, all with the ultimate purpose of introducing people to their Saviour,


Band Mission Statement

Hadleigh Temple Band is an integral part of the mission and worship of Hadleigh Temple Corps. As such its primary commitment is to the fulfillment of the gospel ministry of our Lord Jesus through our corps activities, our local communities and wherever else we serve.

To that end it will utilise, with sensitive planning and responsibility, the time, intelligence and energy of each member of the band in the pursuit of scriptural standards of Christian behaviour and musical proficiency.