Morrison’s Statue Recognises Army

After creating a mural in The Salvation Army’s honour, Morrison’s supermarket has erected a sculpture which includes a tribute to the movement also.

The statue outside Morrison's

The statue outside Morrison's

The brick plinth of the sculpture contains four ‘SALIC’ bricks from the Army’s Hadleigh brickworks, whilst the bronze main section portrays a Salvation Army bandsman and historic figures from the farm colony.

It is said that a photograph of Alf Lowrey was given to the sculptor, but the resulting image is not recognisable as Alf.

SA Bandsman

SA Bandsman

The bass has become a euphonium and the player has sprouted a beard! There are unconfirmed reports that the sculptor added the beard so it looked like the Founder.


William Booth playing a euphonium? Now there’s a turn-up for the books!!


The inscription on the sculpture reads (sic):


Commissioned by

Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc

Combining the traditional material of bronze with
modern stainless steel, the sculpture focuses on the
community of Hadleigh past and present.
It incorporates Hadleigh Castle, the Salvation Army,
and James (Cunning) Murrell, together with a
celebration of the 2012 Mountain Bike Olympics in the form of
3 cyclists to show movement.

The child at the foot of the castle is a child of Hadleigh
inspired to move forwards and upwards.

The plinth includes 4 bricks from the
Salvation Army Brickworks, Hadleigh.

Sculptor: Graham Ibbeson MA (R.C.A) 2012

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