Mercy Seat Used at YP Anniversary

Captain Susannah Hart (Canvey) was the special guest leader for the Young People’s Anniversary weekend. Mastering the difficult art of maintaining interest of young people throughout a senior meeting whilst still providing spiritual food for adults, Captain Hart gave everyone a piece of coloured paper.

The audience was invited to fold it in half and tear out a representation of themselves as a “paper person”: a “mini-me”. The meeting progressed with an illustrated talk based on the feeding of the 5000 and focus being put on how very little in put into the hands of Jesus became much. Later the Bible reading from Romans 12 turned the emphasis to putting one’s life in the hands of Jesus.

The captain then invited the congregation to bring their “mini-me” and lay it on the mercy seat as a symbol of their desire to place their lives in God’s hands. More than half the congregation did so with some pausing to kneel and pray.

The "mini-mes" on the mercy seat

The “mini-mes” on the mercy seat

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