Meeting Jesus!

Award-winning author Major Howard Webber was the guest leader on July 17th. His latest book, Meeting Jesus: Inspiring Stories of Modern-Day Evangelism was named Christianity magazine’s Book of The Year last month.

Although the major had never been to Hadleigh before, his ministry was well received. Speaking on Leviticus 6:13 Remember, the fire must be kept burning on the altar at all times. It must never go out… he urged people not to let the fire and zeal for serving God. At the end of worship a number of people came forward to the mercy seat to meet with Jesus. The major moved among the congregation and prayed with some who could not get up to go forward.

Some members of the congregation bought copies of the book after the meeting to get more from the ministry of an ordinary man with fears and misgivings, but whose life has been placed in God’s hands.

Read reviews of the book here. For less than seven pounds the book is well worth buying.


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