May 2015 Digital Competition

Hadleigh Camera Club
Digital Competition – May 2015
 Windows  Judge: Brian Carlick LRPS

No. 1 Jesus Preaches
A very colourful face on picture of a window, it needs something to make the picture more interesting to the viewer, some shafts of light or person looking at the window?

No. 3 Polish Stained Glass
Similar comments to No. 1, I would have preferred to see the whole of the stone surround

No. 14 Font Reflection           Highly Commended    –    Caroline Warrey
I like the idea and how the photographer has “seen” the final picture. An extra inch or so at the top of the picture would help to balance the overall effect. A good interpretation of the competition.

No. 20  Hotel Guests
A good “spot” by the photographer. What would have made the picture better would have been the whole word “Hotel” and a real person in one of the windows! The overall picture is also somewhat flat, some extra saturation to give the “people” in the windows a bit more punch would improve it.

No.22 Lilac Window
I like the simplicity of the picture and how the colours complement each other. The watering can in the window is the key to the picture, maybe clone out the label?

No. 29 Moreton Little Hall          2nd    Caroline Warrey
An excellent picture where the photographer has used the light to great effect. I like the high contrasts and how the windows are reflected on the floor and table. The picture has “mood”, the composition of just a single chair is perfect. Well done.

No. 36 Reflections
Here the photographer has seen more than just a few open windows. The different reflections in the windows add mystery as to what is across the street……. The picture could be improved I feel by cropping the top two windows, the main picture is the bottom half. A good interpretation of the competition.

No. 52 Windows
The choice of subject works well, with good colour contrasts.and one open window, however the picture needs more, a ghostly figure in one window……. or maybe a bird on a ledge.

 No. 44 Thirsty Whale Tavern
The photographer has made the ”windows” subject a lot more interesting by choosing this shot. The reflections make the picture, however I found the girl distracting and I would have liked to have seen a base to the picture, i.e. a small part of the pavement. The exposure is good as well are the colours.

No. 8 Bar Harbour Tea Company
A well framed picture, colourful with interesting reflections. The combination of people inside the shop and reflections of the area outside make the picture. Although a busy picture the two signs in the shop window get our attention first before we then look around the shop. I think we can also just see the photographer as well!

No. 4 A Georgian Sash
Most of this picture is taken up with a picture of a climbing rose, which distracts from the window. The colours are good and I like the reflections, Rose and homes. The picture would have improved if we could have seen more of the window and less of the Rose.

No. 9 Basket Window
The idea is good, the light on the subject is really good, I like the catchlights in the eyes and the smile. A much tighter crop would give the  picture a lot more impact.

No. 10 Broken Windows
A good subject and very good light, the reflections work very well with just a hint of water movement. The bush on the right is very distracting however, a tighter crop to balance the left and right sides would help, the bushes would provide a frame to the main subject.

No. 11 Cruise Ship Window
An original idea, with some good reflections. however the wooden bar leads us right out of the picture to some greenery which distracts from the window and reflections.

No.12 Dover Castle Window
A simple picture, well framed with good colours, but not really creative enough for a competition.

No. 13 Figures and Light
Some good light, and mood but the picture lacks a frame in the form of the surrounding stonework, alternatively a close up of just a section of the window stonework and reflections would enhance the picture.

No. 5 A View on Kew                      Highly Commended   –  Sandra Hope
A very well taken picture with excellent contrast and colour and tonal range, I particularly like the inclusion of just the tips of the palms to give a good base to the picture. A very good entry.

No. 6 Ancient Windows
A very bland picture with no real thought to composition, The photographer had a good subject and should try again.

No. 7 Art Deco Windows
The subject is a good one, with lots of curves inside and out to add invest to the picture. I feel the picture would have had more impact if the photographer had concentrated on a smaller part of the curved balcony and a curved window. Well exposed and sharp.

No. 15 Garden Glimpse
A well framed window, but a muddled subject, the white sky is very distracting.

No. 16 Gee Up Neddy
A good subject, with well balanced exposures inside and out. The picture is let down however by being not straight and only part of the rocking horse and girl being seen.

No. 17 Glass Gherkin
An interesting viewpoint……. but spoilt by cutting off the top of No. 34…The picture would be improved by concentrating more on a small part of the Gherkin windows, if pixels allow.

No. 18 Good Morning
The idea is good but much more could have been made of the idea if really early morning light had been used to create more mood. A more angled composition would have help with some light rays shining though the curtain.

 No. 19 Hey ! You down there                 Highly Commended    –    Tony Clarke
A creative shot with good balance, between the inside and outside light. I feel the right hand side could be cropped a little to balance the left side, but a good picture, well done.

No 21 Light through a window                    3rd          –          Linda Everett
This picture has impact, the photographer waited for the right moment when the reflections shone onto the bench and cushions. Well saturated colours with just enough internal ambient light. Well done.

No.23 Little Windows
A good idea with good colours, the focal point of the picture would be improved if the picture was cropped to show just the centre area and maybe 6 of each colour of the smaller windows.

No. 24 London Windows at Night
The windows of the picture are really too bright, and would have benefitted from being darker, there is also no real subject for the viewer to concentrate on.

No.25 Looking through the window
The idea is good and well photographed, with just the hint of a reflection, but 2/3rds of the picture appears to be non window…..A tight crop, top lefthand corner, maybe BW would have much more impact.

No.26 Modern Stained Glass Windows
The picture is generally over exposed, resulting in decreased saturation of the colours. The idea of two windows is good, but technically not adequate.

No. 27 Modern Vienna
A well spotted and composed picture. I particularly like the relationship between the curved windows, light and reflections. The picture would benefit from cropping some of the bottom, and increased contrast but still a good shot.

No. 28 Modern Window
A well composed picture with good contrasts and exposure. Taken face on would have resulted in a very ordinary picture , the photographers angle of shot is very good. Cropping the tree and bird would enhance the picture, but still a very good picture.

No. 30 New Age London
The idea of a window with three panes and three building is good, Its a pity the top of the centre building is split by the window pane, attention to the clouds would have given the picture more impact.

No. 31 Open windows
Unfortunately the open windows are not prominent in this picture, most of the picture is of brickwork and foliage. Much more could have been made with the subject I feel focusing more on the windows.

No. 32 Pier and Palace
The combination of the window curves and reflected uprights work well, the picture however needs more contrast to emphasise the reflections, the right handside is distracting and needs cropping or to keep the curve make the window strain if possible.

No.33 Porthole
The idea is good, the picture sharp but the picture needs a focal point, one port hole taken close up with the rain drops and reflections would have been a very good picture

No. 34 Reflection 3
I like the subject in the window but the trellis is distracting from the subject, crop right and bottom for a better picture, the reflections and exposed just right

No.35 Reflection 2
The idea is good and the picture well exposed, but needs cropping (LHS) to place more emphasis on the glass and windows, the subject matter has more scope to offer.

No. 37 Rose Cottage Window
I feel more could have been made of the relationship between the rose and the window, instead of a nearly straight on picture one taken closer to the rose and at an angle with the interior of the cottage lighter would have created more mood. Not sure about the word Text….

No. 38 See through building
I think the photographer has missed an opportunity here, the subject matter is very good, but the windows area should take up more of the picture, a much tighter crop to focus on the diagonal beams and reflections would have resulted in a very good picture, the photographer should return if possible.

No. 39 Shop Window
A simple approach to the subject, which could be made better by cropping the RHS to eliminate the distracting light.

No. 40 Shutters and Windows
A very plain picture with little interest for the viewer, the picture is well exposed and sharp but more could have been made of just one shutter and window, maybe second from left top

No. 41 Sky Garden 2
This picture has good contrast and exposure, composition wise I feel more attention should have been given to the windows and handrail to create a more retro feel.

No.42 Sky Garden                                 1st         –       Peter Smith
A very well composed and exposed picture with good contrast. The picture has a firm base from which to build from, good diagonals and very interesting reflections in the roof, a very good effort, well done.

No. 43 The old reflected in the new
A well spotted picture, taken from underneath and to the side which adds interest. Well exposed with good composition, a very good effort, well done. The old/new complement very well.

No.45 Tiny Windows in Tiny Crofters cottage
This picture is more of a record shot of part of a croft, the open door leading to another window would have made more creative shot.

No.46 Tower Bridge Wharf Windows
The evening sun has been captured very well by the photographer, well exposed and sharp, and contrasts with the shaded area above the sign. Cropping out the windows to the right would make the viewer concentrate on the main subject of the picture.

No.47 Triple Glazed
Same comments as No. 30, the sepia effect makes the picture appear somewhat flat

No. 48 Venice
Great colours and reflections, however more attention should have been given to a couple of very interesting windows as opposed to a canal scene.

No.49 Wall Art around windows
The picture lacks a focal point, the photographer should have concentrated on just say three windows, and added more contrast, this picture looks flat.

No.50 Window Shopping
The idea is good but the main subject of the picture is quite a small part overall. A tighter crop centered on the dog would have been better. The “OPE” is very distracting

No.51 Windows windows windows!
This picture has little creativity, the lower part of the house is missing and there is too much sky.

No. 53 Window Seat
A different interpretation of “windows”, which for me does not work….

No.54 You can see right through me
A record shot of an unusual building, the window and inside has potential but not a very creative picture



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