June Corps Council Digest

The minutes of the Corps Council meeting for June 2011 are available to read on the notice board adjacent to the lounge. Here is a digest of what was discussed:

The corps has prepared a business plan to employ a children and family worker. The plan is yet to be approved by the divisional headquarters business board.

There has been a review of the activities of the “In Touch” groups, and it has been agreed that a changes to the structure are required. Meetings will be held during July to discuss proposed changes.

The flooring in the corps buildings has been causing concern for some time. The problem is being caused by the poor construction of the floor when the hall was originally built in 2002/3. Consultation with divisional headquarters and The Salvation Army’s contract surveyors (UKBS) on this matter is ongoing.

The corps leadership team are currently engaged with divisional headquarters in preparing a Mission Development Plan (MDP). In the construction and utilisation of this plan, the corps will be entering into a commitment to mission and growth. The corps leadership team, along with the corps council, has invested some considerable time into the construction of the plan, believing it provides a clear path of direction for the corps. The MDP links into the strategies and principles of Natural Church Development. The document contains stated goals which represent the key objectives, which are realistic, and will form a good foundation on which future growth will be built. Key elements of the plan are:

  • The corps will recognise the leadership potential in our young people by offering opportunities to take responsibility and creating a mentoring scheme to support them.
  • There are plans to expand the number of house groups during the autumn of 2011.
  • The introduction of sound recordings of our worship meetings is being arranged;  these will be immediately available to those who require them
  • A skills audit is being considered which will help the corps leadership team to discover latent/unused leadership talents and skills within the congregation
  • The corps is committed to facilitate opportunities to grow our outreach mission. A project for the redevelopment of the cottage buildings has been initiated, and as a whole, will expand our ability to provide services and facilities which will enhance our outreach mission to as many local people as possible.

The mission development plan is to be presented to the divisional strategy board on the 5th July by the corps secretary.

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