July Corps Council Digest

The minutes of the Corps Council meeting for July 2011 are available to read on the notice board adjacent to the lounge. Here is a digest of what was discussed.

The flooring in the corps buildings has been causing concern for some time. The problem is being caused by the poor construction of the floor when the hall was originally built in 2002/3. Following a survey of the building by a flooring specialist it is likely that every room in the corps buildings will need new flooring. Further discussions will be required to assess the logistics linked to the replacing of the flooring. The council also agreed that the financial implications will need to be discussed with DHQ and THQ.

The Mission Development Plan has now been completed and everything that had been previously discussed and agreed by the Corps Council in relation to the plan has been recorded in the document. The plan is to be presented to the Divisional Strategy Council by CS Wayne Johnson on Tuesday 5th July. The council fully supported the plan which was to be presented.

The council fully agrees that the Mission Development Plan is a “living document” that will run with, and alongside, the NCD programme. It will form a significant part of corps strategy and it will be the task of each corps leader to promote the adherence to the plan.

Cottages Project – An estimate for a feasibility study has been received from The Salvation Army’s surveyor, UKBS. The Business Board has decided to wait until the temple’s flooring situation has been resolved and budgeted for before spending money on the feasibility study.

Olympic Test Event 31 July. The corps participation in the test event at the farm would be part of a rolling programme, with Hadleigh Temple musical sections participating between 3.00 – 4.00pm.

New Years Eve Fellowship Event.  As part of the ongoing aim of the greater integration of our fellowship a social event is to be planned for New Years Eve 2011

A new external corps flag has been purchased and delivered and is now in place.

The council considered whether the corps should be promoting Fair Trade Products within its catering facilities. Samples of the products are to be obtained in order to ensure that the quality is acceptable.

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