January DigiComp Judges Comments

Hadleigh Camera Club – On-line Digital Competition

“Waves” – January Competition –Results and Comments by Judge Ann Miles FRPS MPAGB EFIAP FBPE


1st Durdle Beach                                               Keith Payne

2nd Bracklesham Bay                                       John Everett

3rd Windy Walk by the Waves                   Hilary Houlding                               

HC Peverill Point                                             Keith Payne

HC Broadchurch Beach                                  Peter Jones

HC On the Rocks Portland                            John Everett


Broadchurch Beach  (Highly Commended – Peter Jones)

Very pleasing image with plenty to look at. I like the waves coming in at the corner and making a curve round leading through the composition. Find the cut off flags a bit distracting and generally the waves are a fairly minor part of scene but still an interesting image

Boulder Beach

Great waves in this image – make you hear the crashing. The front rocks are rather dominant and block entry to the scene a bit and there is a pink cast on the spray and some burnt out highlights

Bracklesham Bay  (2nd John Everett)

Lovely image with the calmness of an evening on the beach as the sunsets. Good balance of moving and still water. Ideally wait a moment or two till figure on right is clear of background (or take earlier if moving other way,

Breaking waves 2

Good subject but feel would have been more successful in portrait mode for me. Nice exposure and shutterspeed recording the spray etc,

Breaking Waves

Another pleasant coastal scene but here I feel the waves are too small a section of the image; the foreground takes up half the space.

Can’t catch me

Great decisive moment shot, just a shame that the boy is on the edge going out of the frame. Well exposed and shutterspeed

Cliff splash

Well captured spray but image is overexposed and lacking contrast

Durdle Beach  (1st Keith Payne)

Lovely simple image exactly fitting the subject. We have lines of waves;  each one different and holding the attention

Farne Islands

Great scene with receding waves and spray from the offshore wind. My only comment is that does not need all the sky for me – could crop through the middle dark band


Humpy Sea

Something different always good to see. Would have been very successful I feel if a better sky and foreground colour.

Incoming tide

Square format good and nice wave. Just not the best angle as more than two thirds of image is not wave and the heavy rocks tend to dominate

On the Rocks Portland  (Highly Commended – John Everett)

Lovely image with spray well captures. Good sky mimicking the foreground. Two large rocks hold it in well on the sides

On the Rocks 

Some lovely waves recorded and colours  but the whole image is not sharp – maybe movement or focus point – difficult to tell at this size.

Peveril Point  (Highly Commended  –  Keith Payne)

Good slow shutter image with wave interest throughout the frame.  For this competition feel best with jkust a strip of sky as the sun and sunset clouds are fighting for attention with the waves.

Rock waves 2

Moment caught well with a slowish shutterspeed giving body to the spray. The heavy rocks at foreground block the view a bit and there is a general magenta cast to the spray and rocks.

Rock Waves

Good composition with wave action throughout the image. Exposure fine and shutterspeed shows movement of the waves well.

Rushing In

Simple composition and well exposed but the wave ending like it does detracts for me – ? crop off top

Salcombe Estuary Storm

For a stormy situation, you have very few waves in the image. For me it is a good seascape but not really fulfilling waves.


Like the composition leading in from lefthand corners but would have perhaps chosen squarer format as righthand side not add much. Unfortunately the beach huts do dominate rather than the wave.

Sparkling Seas

Pleasant seascape but not really an image of waves – we have part of a wave in the foreground and then no further waves just sparkling seas

Storm Surge in Broadstairs

What a wave and well captured with good exposure, contrast etc. I think this would be much stronger if letterboxed cutting off some foreground and a bit of sky.

Storm Tide

Would have been an award winner if it was sharp anywhere. Also needed a bit more contrast to really bring out detail in the huge waves

Stormy Seas at Whitby

Well caught wave and good exposure etc. To me the horizon is not quite level and it would have been good if horizon didn’t coincide with the top of the pier.

Sunset over the Sea

Lovely image and would do well in sunset or seascape category but feel the wave is a bit too small a part of the frame for this month’s subject.

Wading in the Waves

Well captured moment – shame black dog is rear-on – might remove him!! Lovely wave in the background but check white as there appear to be blown highlights

Washington Waves

Like this one – there are waves or the result of waves throughout the image, it is well exposed etc. A bit busy with rocks and notices but still fulfils subject well

Watching the Waves

Well exposed etc but feel that the waves and certainly the title subject are just a bit too small in the image to hold attention.

Wave on the Rocks

Simple image taken from the right angle to just give us the wave and the spray. Presented image very small but image looks sharp and well exposed

Wave Power

Well composed with railing leading from right edge and following through to the pier. Great waves but they lack sparkle – whole image looks ‘muddy’ and needs a bit of lifting in the shadow areas

Wave Rider

Expected more surfing images given the subject but here is a brave attempt. The action is very much squashed onto one side of the image and the white are very overexposed.

Waving at Waves

Clever interpretation but doesn’t hang together all that well for me mainly I think because of the heavy mass of people – just the couple waving and it would be a winner I feel.

Wavy Lines

Simple composition giving us exactly the title but the image lacks the sparkle and clarity needed to hold the interest.

Wet and Windy

Well exposed image but feel the man should have been a step backwards so he is looking towards the spray. As it is there is no connection between the man on the grass and the wave coming over the wall,

Windy Walk by the Waves  (3rd Hilary Houlding)

Lovely image – good exposure and figures well positioned. Nothing to say to improve.


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