ISB accompanies Hadleigh Temple Timbrels

WHAT AN HONOUR! The Hadleigh Temple Timbrel Brigade played with the International Staff Band twice during the band’s recent visit.

Staff Bandmaster Dr. Stephen Cobb said it was not normal for the ISB to join with a host corps section during a visit, but made an exception for Hadleigh Temple Timbrels! Well, they do appear on television every year as part of the procession for the Lord Mayor’s Show in London.

The first outing was on Saturday afternoon when a ensemble of five timbrellists took part in the band’s ministry at Hadleigh Farm. Then in the evening a larger group fronted the band during the festival given at Hadleigh Temple.

Mayor Maryse Iles

Mayor Maryse Iles

The music chosen was Dudley Bright’s march Assignment.

Incidentally, the bandmaster is not the only fan of the timbrels. Our outgoing mayor, Cllr Maryse Iles really loves them. She thought it would be a good idea for them to be the nucleus of the International Staff Timbrels. Tongue in cheek, of course, but her support is genuine and has been throughout her year in office.


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