Use of the Hall


The HallWe are very blessed to have a fine building and we must thank God for His provision. A comfortable worship hall is conducive to prayer and praise and we wish to be good stewards of this wonderful building.

Please respect the sign on the door to the main worship hall and do not take food or drink in there.

If you are the last person out of the building, please ensure that all windows are shut and doors are locked. Don’t leave any unnecessary lights on. If you are not a keyholder, please contact someone who is (the phone is in the office) and wait for their arrival before leaving the building. Sadly the corps has suffered losses through burglary in the past and we must therefore be vigilant.

The general management of the suite of buildings is in the hands of Corps Administrator Ken Hillson. If you notice anything that needs attention with the building or furniture, please speak to Ken.

More information: Hall Lettings