Corps Directory

The corps has a directory of people who are part of the fellowship; it is distributed on paper.


Who is in?
Everyone who is part of the corps fellowship is encouraged to be listed; it is not just for those who have signed membership forms!

Who is compiling it?
The directory is produced by Brian Nichols by authority of the CO with support from other members of the corps.

What details are in?
Names of all family members living at home, address, phone number and new for this directory, individual email and mobile phone numbers. Please note restrictions on details for under 18s, see next paragraph.

Young People
We should include and encourage our young people as part of the corps family but we have an important duty to protect them. We invite you to include the names of all members of the family living at home. By submitting the information, parents of under-18s are giving permission for their children’s names to be published. We do not publish email and mobile phone information for under 18s.

Do I have to give
all the information?

No, you need submit only that information that you consent to be published. You may withhold all details and not have an entry at all, but it would be nice to have you included if you are part of the corps family. Now the legal bit: by providing the information you are deemed to agree to its publication and to its electronic storage. The electronic part is so that the information can be stored on computer and produced in a useable format. For data integrity and pastoral purposes and to manage the project, more than one person may hold details electronically, but the information is not being published electronically.

Where is it published?
The directory is ONLY for members of the fellowship and is ONLY published on paper. PERSONAL DETAILS WILL NOT BE PUT ON THE WEBSITE. Any member of the fellowship may order a copy. Holders of the corps directory are requested to treat the contents as confidential and not misuse it or republish it.

Where can I get a copy?
Copies are available from Aux-Capt Vera Oakes.