His-Story from Chelmsford Citadel Songsters

Celebrate His-story was the theme of Chelmsford Songsters visit to Hadleigh Temple. It was a different sort of festival including stories, drama and video to tell the story of Jesus. It started off with the creation, covered the birth of Jesus and went through to His death and resurrection and the majesty and glory of God on his throne.

Chelmsford Songsters

Chelmsford Songsters

The evening was led through by the sparkling Major Mark Sawyer (CO, Chelmsford) who took every opportunity to the link the history as shown in the Bible to the relevance of what God can do for each person. The reward of the Christian was presented in the somewhat light-hearted song Singing in the Heavenly Choir.

The bookmark given to members of the congregation

The bookmark given to members of the congregation

The music was of a standard one has come to expect from this brigade, who have published a number of CDs. Afternoon fellowship between them and Hadleigh Temple songsters proved a precursor to a fine evening’s music.

There was no charge for entry; on arrival members of the congregation were offered a drink. During the meeting members of the brigade circulated giving a bookmark to all who were there and on exit from the hall, chocolate mints were offered.

For the final three pieces – including a songster-led congregational song – Hadleigh Temple songsters joined with their colleagues from Chelmsford, under the leadership of Songster Leader Joanne McIntosh.

The accompanist for the evening was acting Songster Leader Carl Carter, Hadleigh Temple.

 The final song

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