Get Up Early and Pray for Growth

The corps secretary is urging members and friends to get up early and pray. In his latest NCD report (published on the news sheet for 4 March) Wayne explains that the corps’ minimum factor is Holistic Small Groups. The approach is in two parts:

  1. Our existing small groups – are these groups holistic by nature, or do we need to review the effectiveness of the groups?
  2. Need for new holistic small groups? – are our existing small groups catering for the needs for everyone within our fellowship?

Drawing of people prayingHe is calling for all members of the fellowship to pray for this initiative, whether in private devotions or regular weekly group meetings.

In addition, three weekly breakfast prayer meetings are being arranged at the hall on a Thursday morning starting on 15th March. They start at 7.30am and take 30 minutes. Tea or coffee will be provided .


Here’s a prayer than can be used in private devotions:

Lord as we continue to define, plan, and prepare action steps for the vision and values you have for our corps, we pray that you will be our strength in all these endeavours.  We acknowledge there will be no growth of spiritual experience if you are not the centre of our plans.  You are the one who makes our growth possible and we proclaim you as the source of all we hope to experience.   As you continue your plans for us in these days, we pray that you will help us to give you our whole hearts, that we too may represent who you are in our fellowship and to the community we serve.


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