Floors to be replaced

The floors in the Temple worship hall and reception areas are to be replaced. It is a major job and will require the lifting of the carpets, removal of the floors and installation of the underfloor heating followed by the installation of new underfloor heating, new floors and carpet.

Users of the hall are being asked to be patient; the timing of work has been chosen to cause minimal disruption, but inevitably there will be some.

Corps Administrator has consulted with section leaders and now wishes to make his letter to be made public so everyone knows what is happening.

Here is his letter:


Following the site meeting this week I can now confirm that work on the floors will start on Monday 13th August and is planned to take 6 weeks to complete.

A 3 phase programme has been agreed:

Phase 1: Worship hall. This is scheduled for 3 weeks commencing 13th, 20th and 27th August.

Phase 2: Front of reception area. This is scheduled for 2 weeks commencing 3rd and 10th September.

Phase 3: Rear of reception area. This is scheduled for 1 week commencing 17th September.

We will obviously be out of the worship hall for Sunday meetings for 2 or 3 weeks, and announcements regarding alternative arrangements will be made shortly.

During phase 1 we will still have hall access to front and rear doors, kitchen and toilets as well as the rear worship hall, George’s and the lounge.

For phase 2, access will be through the car park entrance only and we will have kitchen access. However the gent’s toilets will be available and the kitchen toilet for the ladies. Most of the reception area will be boarded off with a narrow passage to kitchen and toilets. However there will be no access to Georges and the lounge except through the car park fire doors.

Phase 3 will cause us most inconvenience as there will be no kitchen or toilet facilities and access to halls will only be through fire doors.

I am in the process of planning an operational schedule covering the whole 6 weeks and will be in discussion with all section leaders and groups hiring our halls to agree when activities can take place or need to be cancelled or re-scheduled.

You will be appreciate this is a major logistical exercise and I would request your understanding and co-operation in this respect.

Nothing is absolute and during this work problems may arise which change the time-table. We intend to liaise with the contractors on a daily basis on progress and what their requirements are. I will act on this and keep in close contact with all concerned if any activities need to be changed again.

Please share this information with your sections or groups and please discuss with me if you have any problems or further questions.

Finally, Colin Nightingale has agreed to monitor the contractors on behalf of Hadleigh Temple, and I also request your co-operation if it is necessary for him to discuss any issues with you during this 6 week period.

Ken Hillson

Corps Administrator

July 2012


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