February 2015 DigiComp results

1 (3 Little Ducks went swimming one day)
Good position and room to move into. Rather bright on the ducks’ backs – not so good on their faces though
2 (Bad Hair Day)
Benefits from being in shadow area – allowing full detail of fur. Would like coloured bands behind the Llama removed – and light line on right hand side cropped.
3 (Big Ears) – Sandra Hope                             SECOND
Excellent Picture of Brown Hare in what appears to be natural habitat. Very sharp eye and ear. Would be even better if few small highlights removed.           
4 (Black – White Beauty)
Very small but lovely image of butterfly. Difficult to be certain whether totally sharp, but does look to be as shown
5 (Blueberries for Breakfast)
Well caught moment of blackbird with blueberry in beak. Suggest either crop the top of the image or spot out light areas in grass. Well exposed though for black feathers.
6 (Brown Argus) – John Everett                           FIRST
Superb butterfly picture – focus right throughout – even possible to see pollen specks on wings and background well out of focus                                 
7 (Cheddars)
Taken against the dark background allows cats features and whiskers to show up well. A little burnt out in white areas of fur
8 (Common Blue)
Again good detail on butterfly, but not so well placed in the frame, with body slightly in shade. Background slightly intrusive too – perhaps needed slightly shallower depth of field
9 (Deer)
I like the dappled shade and startled look on the deer’s face. No doubt it ran away immediately, but rather small in the frame too.
10 (Dinner’s Ready)
Perky robin – lots of feather detail and beak full of meal worms? A shame its feet are cut off.
11 (Fox) –   Keith Payne                                 HIGHLY COMMENDED     
Very direct stare of the wily fox – looks ready to pounce. Shows up well against the background. Suggest remove two black spots in grass at front             
12 (Freddie)
Alert and almost 3D picture, making the dog’s head stand out against the background. A very good dog portrait of which I am sure the owner is proud.
13 (Has anyone seen Oleg?)
I like the direct stare of the right hand Meerkat at the photographer. Two work well together as a pair and shows them very alert. Well diffused background suggest remove light spot on rock at front
14 (Humminbird)
Very difficult to catch a picture of a humming bird. I like the light showing through the wings, but rather small in the frame – so sadly light areas in background draw the eye away. Could be cropped
15 I’m fed up!)
The captive monkey certainly looks fed up – but who wouldn’t if caged. The brightness has rather overpowered the dark money though and has reflected into the lens a little.
16 (I’m really just a Pussycat)
A good picture of the Tiger – hungrily eyeing the photographer!. Cropped close to avoid background – but I would ideally like a little more space around the head.
17 I’m Watching You)
What wonderful teeth!. Very sharp picture and shows good skin texture.
18 (I’ve my beady eye on you)
Similar picture, looks as though it might have been taken at the same time, but this croc does not look as “evil” and seems to be resting
19 (Just me and Ewe)
I like the way the Lamb and Mum are leaning towards one another. – Good detail in wool, but the lamb being much cleaner a little over white in places.
20 (Komodo Dragon)
Well done to the photographer for being anywhere near this evil looking beast. Would however benefit from cropping out the very light area of sunlight in background.
21 (Lazing on a sunny afternoon)
Well seen picture of dog taking her ease in the sunshine. Perhaps not a competition shot – but certainly brings a smile.
22 (Let sleeping lions lie)
Fast asleep in the sunshine – this lion has a good mane and looks in fine condition. A shame he is lying on boards but they are probably as comfortable as a “bed2 would be in the wild!
23 (Mandarin Duck)
Lovely colours and feather detail of the duck. Would benefit from removal of white highlights in the very green water. Highlights rather “blown out” on wood that the duck is standing on.
24 (Meerkat Lookouts)   –   David Hope     HIGHLY COMMENDED     
Very alert Meerkats, very well in focus – certainly all alert and on lookout. I like the stray straw on the head of No 2.                   
25 (Mouse) – Keith Payne                                     THIRD
Very well caught moment of the mouse clinging on between the two ears of wheat – looks almost about to fall between the two. Very well diffused background.         
26 (Mute Swan)
Excellent feather detail which can be difficult to attain with swans – shows well against the dark water. Like the highlight in the eye too.
27 (My Perfect Prolfile)
Lovely setting and well lit ass, with good beady eye and fur detail. I would crop the base of the picture to the bottom of the fence line – just below shadow.
28 (Old Friends)
This pair certainly do look old!. Good to see two very different shell types. However the lighting is a little flat.
29 (Olly – the Lancashire Heeler)
Excellent dog portrait – with good glint in the eyes and rather wicked looking teeth.
30 (On the Prowl)
Leopard on a mission – so not fully sharp. Flat lighting – but this does allow fur detail. Would benefit from removal of bright highlight behind
31 (Our Friendly Resident)
Very close – again gives lovely feather detail. The background is a little fussy, but acceptable.
32 (Owl)
I like the way this owl has been caught in a rather less than happy mood – against well diffused background. It is a shame there is not a little more light on the eyes to emphasise the colour
33 (Parrot in Caribbean)
Good position in the frame – with rather mixed colours in the background. Sadly the light was over bright on the head, so no feather detail left there, but otherwise good colours
34 (Robin)
This caused a smile – to see a “bandy2 legged robin. Would benefit from a strong crop on top and left hand side to remove a number of bright areas. An area of “repetitive cloning” just behind the robin.
35 (Roe Deer)
A rare chance to get in close on this Roe Deer settled in the long grass. I would prefer to see the sky cropped out totally though. A little bright on white areas of body, but a well seen moment
36 (Roscoe and Paul)
Lovely setting for shires at work – they look to have done a good job of ploughing too. Shame about the rather heavy shadow on the right hand horse
37 (Runaway Horse) – Hilary Houlding       HIGHLY COMMENDED       
I enjoyed the feeling of wild nature that comes through in this picture. It is not quite sharp on the hors, but that adds to the sense of movement – with the mane flying out   
38 (Say Cheese)
A fun picture with the squirrel looking so intently into the camera – but rather too much distraction too
39 (Show Off)
Proud peacock in full display. Very bright conditions, so sadly a lot of feather detail lost.
40 (There’s enough for us both)
An interesting moment – red squirrel and great tit together. Even though back view of Great Tit – it does have a very “put out” pose. The point of focus not quite right as sharper on the table than on the main points of interest.
41 (We’re part of the Animal Kingdom)
Goose and Ducks happily together. Unfortunately again light very bright, so feather detail lost on white areas
42 (What’s that?)
A good Lemur portrait. A shame about the shadow cast over the face. Mainly good texture on the fur but the ear has caught the light and has “burnt out”.
43 (Who’s a Pretty Birdie)
Lovely detail in the Vulture’s feathers with the detail just held in on the head. A pity about the diagonal background lines – presumably the cage though.

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