Doughnuts at Festival of Remembrance

Some of The Salvation Army’s unsung heroes of WW1 were highlighted when the ‘Doughnut Girls’ were re-created at the annual Hadleigh Festival of Remembrance.

Laura Argent presents Johnny Maxim with a doughnut

‘Doughnut Girl’ Laura Argent presents Johnny Maxim with a doughnut

A near-capacity audience gathered to hear the corps sections: band, songsters and timbrel brigade, and to welcome the return visit the HMS Nelson Volunteer Band from Portsmouth and the HMS Nelson Corps of Drums.

Introducing the ‘doughnut girls’ at the start of the festival, organiser Robin Bryant explained that each attendee would receive a ‘Salvation Army doughnut’ as they left the festival, the significance of which had been explained in a leaflet placed on everyone’s seat. Mini-doughnuts, purchased earlier in the day, had each been attached with an edible Red Shield logo, placed in a plastic bag tied with a ribbon.

The Corps of Drums and Hadleigh Timbrel Brigade (Irene Ivory) opened the festival with an ultra-violet lit display, when white drumsticks, gloves, hats, and timbrel ribbons each glowed brilliantly when the hall was darkened.

The guest band thrilled the audience with their predominant wood-wind sound which blended in, and complimented beautifully, the playing of Hadleigh Temple Band (Ken Hillson), in both massed and solo items.

Sea Scouts and military representatives with organiser Robin

Sea Scouts and military representatives with organiser Robin

Hadleigh Temple Songsters (Paul Hillson) presented ‘This Day’ and ‘Bound for Glory’.

Revd. Caroline Brown (St. James the Less) reminded us of civil conflicts that still rage in the world today, encouraging us to embrace in love those who hurt.

This was the seventh year of the festival, when County and Local Council representatives, members of the military forces, and officers from an Air Training Corps and Scouting groups were present. Retired Gunner Allan Brend (RA) carried in the ‘Book of Remembrance.’ which bears the names of each Hadleigh person lost in war since WW2, placing it on the drumhead altar which had been erected prior to the Revd Roland Wort (Chaplain HMS Drake, Plymouth) leading the congregation in the service of remembrance that ended the festival.

words and pics: Robin Bryant

Video about the Doughnut Girls

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