Chocolate? Get Fair Trade!

Sunday 16th March saw two spirit-filled meetings led by Major Heather Poxon with her husband Stephen.

The major is Director of International Development (SAID) at THQ. Her department works hands-on with organising our territory’s support to those other territories in great need. Indeed her visit was to launch the corps’ initiative to support an overseas territory: Tanzania.

Fair trade chocolateAs Easter is on the horizon, she urges the congregation to consider buying only Fair Trade chocolate. Much of the world’s chocolate comes from the Ivory Coast. Whilst we may think of human trafficking in the international sex trade, it is also rife in chocolate production on the Ivory Coast. This is labour trafficking. Children are being drawn into the  industry on false promises of pay and a good future. Major Poxon suggested that we should not buy any chocolate that is not fair trade. ‘It may be a little bit more expensive’, she said, ‘ but we should look on it as giving a girl her life back’.

More info:

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SAID video on human trafficking including cocoa:


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