Change of CO Appointment

The Divisional Commander has announced that there is to be a change in the plans for the appointment of a new commanding officer for the corps in July. The new officer will be Major David Woodman.

Major David Woodman

Major David Woodman

Major Woodman, currently appointed to Leighton Buzzard Corps, is married; however his wife is not an officer. He will therefore be supported in his ministry by another officer. This role will be fulfilled by Major Geoff Ashdown who has agreed to remain at the corps as Associate Officer. Major Geoff explained:

“We haven’t yet finalised exactly how we will work together, but I will continue to be part-time carrying on similarly to how I have been doing, but under the control of the corps officer.

“I am very pleased to be staying on at Hadleigh in a pastoral role and am delighted that Major Woodman has agreed to be the new corps officer.”

Major David has given a pen-picture of himself:

Gareth, Caroline and Matthew Woodman

Gareth, Caroline and Matthew Woodman

“I have been a Corps Officer for 20 years, holding appointments in the North East, the Midlands and Essex. Having enjoyed the last three years of ministry at Leighton Buzzard I am now looking forward to working with you all at Hadleigh Temple. I am married to Caroline and have two sons: Gareth and Matthew. Gareth is 19 and has just finished his first year at New Buckinghamshire University. Matthew is 16 and will be leaving school this term.

My interests include music, hillwalking and all things scientific & technological. I am currently studying for a degree in Religion and Theology with Oxford Brookes University.

I am convinced that God’s word to us through scripture is just as relevant and real today as it ever was and I pray that this might be reflected in my ministry. My desire is also that God will help me to enable vision and empower others as we collectively respond to his will.”

The welcome to the Woodman family including Major David’s installation will be on 31st July 2011 at 10.00am and will be conducted by Major Geoff.


Update 21 June

Major David has visited Hadleigh and met informally with members of the corps council.


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