Camera Club April Competition Results

Images for the April Digital In-line competition may be viewed at

Message from our Judge Peter Norris DPAGB AFIAP BPE4*:

Many thanks for letting me judge this competition, a subject to test how far members will go out of their way to fulfil the theme. I think it was ideas which showed which I chose as 

the higher scoring images. 


Congratulations to:

1st    –      10. BROLLY TIME                                               Linda Everett

2nd –      20. JEWELLED                                                     Linda Everett

3rd  –      31.RAINDROPS ON THE DECK                      Pat Johnson

HC   –      12. CLEMATIS BUD AFTER THE RAIN         Barry Townsend

HC   –      18. HAIRY RAINDROP                                      Keith Payne

HC  –    21. LONE RAIN DROP                          Jackie Townsend


Judges Comments:


  1. A PAIR OF DRIPS – Too many out of focus distractions.
  2. Title
  3. AFTER THE RAIN – Out of focus twig and leaves are distracting.
  4. AFTER THE RAIN – Flower more impressive than raindrops.
  5. AFTER THE RAIN SHOWER -Simple idea, inclined to think we see sugared water and not raindrops!
  6. AFTER THE SHOWER – Well lit, sugared water rather than raindrops!
  7. ANOTHER DOWNPOUR – Good idea, hand is bright, sun-lit in rain!
  8. BLOSSOM DROPS – Well lit but could be simpler.
  9. BONNET TOP REFLECTIONS – Good rendition of water on metal but needs focal point.
  10. BROLLY TIME – 1st Linda Everett – Imaginative set-up, background brolly relates to wet window.
  11. CHRYSTAL CLEAR – Jumbled.
  12. CLEMATIS BUD AFTER THE RAIN – H/C Barry Townsend – Strong focal point, background is darkened well.
  13. COLOURFUL FOLIAGE – Attention grabbing close-up.
  14. CORDYLINE RAINED ON – Graphic lines of plant stronger than the rain.
  15. DROPLETS – Unsharp
  16. FAST RAINDROPS – Water on metal not effective as BONNET TOP REFLECTIONS image.
  17. GREEN AND PINK RAINDROPS – Simple, good frame filler.
  18. HAIRY RAINDROPS – H/C Keith Payne – Strong macro and eye-poppingly sharp.
  19. HOSTA RAINDROPS – Stronger if going in closer.
  20. JEWELLED – 2nd Linda Everett – Well lit, sharp and looks like rain.
  21. LONE RAIN DROP – H/C Jackie Townsend – Strong point of focus and unobtrusive background.
  22. MISERABLE JOURNEY AHEAD – Good idea but ugly van restricts view.
  23. MORE RAINDROPS ON IVY – Maybe simpler by cropping off top third.
  24. NO SITTING IN THE GARDEN TODAY – Good viewpoint, prefer to crop sky and trellis.
  25. ON THE LINE – Well seen, fits the theme well and works due to a few lines which are separated.
  26. PASTEL DROPS – Beautifully sharp drops, background detracts.
  27. RAIN ON WINDCHIMES – Well framed, white background detracts.
  28. RAINDROPS KEEP FALLING ON MY HEAD – Eye-catching macro but droplets do not show up very well.
  29. RAINDROPS ON IVY – Good composition and shapes but loses out on clarity.
  30. RAINDROPS ON LEAF – Strong composition with key central drop.
  1. RAINDROPS ON DECK – 3rd Pat Johnson – Well chosen angle to show circles of water and diagonal lines.
  2. RAINDROPS ROSE – Fine specimen, darkening corners could keep eye on flower.
  3. RAINDROPS UNITED – Stretching the theme, brick wall is sharper than watering can!
  4. RAINDROPS – Strong shape window and uncluttered background.
  5. RAINWEB – Good idea but needs much closer framing.
  6. REFLECTION IN RAIN DROP – Strong macro idea.
  7. ROSE LEAF MAGNIFIED – Well lit and frame filling.
  8. SILVER RAINDROP – Point of focus not quite on raindrop, dull lighting.
  9. SPA FRANCORCHAMPS – Well seen but not near enough to fill frame, cut off blue loos.
  10. SPRING TULIP AND APRIL SHOWER – Looks like sugared water instead of raindrops!
  11. WASH DAY BLUES – Pegs dominate, prefer closer image of two lower drops.
  12. WET WEB – Simple and delicate, prefer vertical of middle third.
  13. WET, WET, WEB – Works well with wood backdrop but prefer going in much closer to highlight a few strands of the web.
  14. WING MIRROR – Well framed, would like to see more lights in reflection.

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