Boxing Love

Members and friends are being asked to help with a Christmas shoe box appeal. The corps has a history of helping less fortunate people overseas in this way, but this year the corps is teaming up with the training centre and Canvey Corps to support people in need in our own borough.

Christmas Shoe BoxesYPSM Elaine Johnson observed that in the past, focus has been on young children to the detriment of older children and teenagers and asked that this year’s effort include the whole family.

In a letter to the corps, Elaine suggests ways in people can contribute to the appeal:

  • To provide medium adult sized shoe boxes. (It will be helpful if the boxes and lids can be covered with Christmas wrapping paper.)
  • To donate items listed below to put in the boxes.
  • To give cash donations to buy items to fill the boxes.

Suggested gifts:

  • Toiletry gift sets suitable for teenage boys and girls.
  • Hair accessories and make up sets suitable for teenagers
  • Small toys and games e.g. car, plane, doll, model animal, jigsaw puzzle,
    ball, skipping rope, teddy, cuddly toy
  • For boys: car, truck, plane or similar
  • For girls: hair accessories, clip earrings, make up
  • School Supplies/Learning e.g. notepad, colouring book, pencils, pens,
    books, crayons or felt pens
  • Clothing e.g. hat, cap, gloves, scarf, tee shirts, tops
  • Sweets (Must be within sell-by date after Jan 2012)
  • A greetings card

Items NOT to be sent:

  • War related items such as knives, toy guns, and soldiers
  • Glass items, mirrors and other fragile gifts
  • Marbles or sharp objects
  • Medicines
  • Items of a political or racial nature

Elaine concludes by asking that any completed boxes indicating whether they are suitable for a

  • Boy or girl, and the age group (2-4 / 5-9 / 10-14 years).
  • An older teenage boy or girl
  • Adult female
  • Adult male

Boxes or other donations to this project can be handed to any member of the reception team at the temple.


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