Army Honoured in Shop Window

The good relationship that exists in Hadleigh between The Salvation Army and Morrison’s supermarket was confirmed when the food giant dedicated a window of its new store to the Army.

The New Morrison's Entracnce.

The New Morrison's Entracnce. The Army window is second from the right.

Morrison’s and Hadleigh Temple have been neighbours for many years, but when the supermarket chain bought the former Land Rover garage adjoining its property, it created a new 36,000 sq foot store. Part of the design of the store was to put in some windows about life in Hadleigh. Many residents said that The Salvation Army was an important part of Hadleigh and so a window, labelled ‘Farm Colony’, was erected in the Army’s honour.

Window design

Window Mural Design

Detail of George Wilson

Detail of George

Dominated by the Army crest and profile of the Founder, the mural depicts the evangelical and social work of the Army with cameos of the farm colony, training centre and even the corps is represented with a portrait of Welcome Sergeant George Wilson.

The new store opened on January 25th 2012.



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