Allez les Suisses!

Six young Swiss evangelists and their leader are on their way to Hadleigh. Olivier Boschung, from the Swiss territorial youth department in Berne, is bringing the three boys and three girls, who are aged between 18 and 29, as part of the UK Territory’s ‘More Than Gold’ mission initiative. Their names are: Jérôme, Mélissa, Sévrine, Simon, Sylvain and Valentine.

Swiss flag
The team members are variously: a college student, a teacher and a circus performer. Another is about to join the Army’s ‘Joseph Challenge’, where they take a year out to study practical Christianity (similar to the UK Territory’s Alove ‘Essential’ programme) and another is a corps youth worker and is about to engage in a Christian leadership course.

Two of the team are already in the UK. Valentine has been working with UK THQ’s sports ministry department for several weeks and Sylvan arrived a week early to undertake some of his circus acrobatic performances across London before coming to Hadleigh.

The members of the group come from the following regions of Switzerland: Berne, Neuchâtel, Lausanne and Geneva (shown in green on the map).

Map of Sitzerland


The visitors are being billeted out to members of the corps and will be seen at the corps on Sunday 5th August, where they will lead the evening meeting. The main purpose of their visit is to assist with the Champions Challenge holiday club on Monday–Friday of that week. They will also spend some time at the training centre.

They’ve put up a Facebook page for their visit, where among other things you can see photos of the team members:

Leader Olivier says they are looking forward to coming to Hadleigh:

‘I am happy that we can come to Hadleigh. It is a fantastic opportunity and unique occasion. An Olympic event on Salvation Army ground, that’s just great! And, as Swiss, we hope to win one or more medals at the Mountain Bike competition!’

No chance. 🙂


The Swiss Team Praying

The Swiss team prays for Hadleigh during the final session of their orientation at William Booth College


Happy to be in Hadleigh

Happy to be in Hadleigh

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